21 years of fine service
Capriccio Bar Since 2001

Treat yourself to an extensive range of carefully crafted drinks, including signature cocktails and fine wines, catering to your every preference.


Savor a culinary journey with our delectable dishes, ranging from local flavors to international delights, at Capriccio Bar's dining experience.


Dive into a lively social atmosphere with our dynamic event lineup, showcasing live music, themed nights, and engaging gatherings that elevate your visits to Capriccio Bar.

Timeless and Iconic

Nestled in the heart of Tirana’s most prominent zone, Capriccio Bar stands as a testament to a rich history of hospitality, crafting unforgettable experiences since its establishment in 2001.

Drinks menu

Indulge in a comprehensive selection of meticulously crafted beverages, from signature cocktails to fine wines and everything in between, ensuring a perfect drink for every moment.

Capriccio Bar Since 2001


Our thoughtfully curated business lunch menu at Capriccio Bar caters to professionals seeking a satisfying meal in a relaxed yet conducive setting, making it an ideal choice for meetings and work discussions.


You can make reservations to host your special events, benefiting from our inviting atmosphere and dedicated service.

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Customers share
their thoughts

Laetitia B.

Welcoming staff, good food, well located on the little harbour. I recommend to stop by on the way to your hotel! Appreciated the fact that they had menus in a lot of different languages.

Mario A.


Great atmosphere, delicious dishes!

Food: 5/5Service: 5/5Atmosphere: 5/5

Eros G.


Very welcoming and professional staff. The environment is unique. The drinks are very particular, well served, tasty. It’s good for any age. Once there, the time stands still. I will be back. If you go to Tirana, don’t leave without going for a drink or an aperitif at Capriccio… You won’t regret it…